Monday, August 1, 2011

Hurray! for the 2011 Santa's!!!!

As promised, I have finished about 2 dozen new santas for 2011!! I've had a busy time getting them done, and it feels good to have a start on this year's 'family'. It is nice and cool where I put them together and paint the body colors. Then I bring them up to my painting "nook" to do the detail painting, and tag them, add bells and usually hand made baskets with greenery tucked in.

I'm adding a photo of a grouping of this year's santas, as well as the first one finished this year.

I expect to have more in the next couple of weeks. I expect to make some blue as well as some forest green ones. I'm always happy to consider painting a santa with your choice of color.

Please enjoy these---and you are free to request information on any of the ones pictured, by calling me at 515-276-6170.

My email address is

Hope you will enjoy these first "fruits of the year"!!

Till later.........


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Iowa Stubborn!!

Forty some years ago, when we were waiting to move from NYS to Iowa, we played Meredith Wilson's "Music Man" over and over. One of my favorite songs was "Iowa Stubborn". Often, the last line resonates: .... "But we'll give you our shirt, and our back to go with it, if your crops should happen to fail......." And in the long run, that's how it's been. When those bumps have come along, there have been friends to help smooth them.

Quite often I recall the support we had with the 29 good years we had in our "FOLKART SHOP" in Valley Junction. It was a good Iowa experience to meet real Iowans. Through the years many lasting friendships have been formed: lots of folks who would "give you the shirt off their back"!

I've started to create my 2011 Santas, and will soon post some of them when they're done. It's a great time to work on them in the cool basement with our now + 90º days forecast for the next week. That's part of Iowa too!

My rotator cuff shoulder surgery continues to improve with Physical Therapy, and I'm thankful it's working so well! The therapy has helped a lot!


Till later...........


Wildash Words: By George, I think she got it!

Wildash Words: By George, I think she got it!: "Step one, blog created. Needs a lot of tweaking but for now at least I have something . Just one step at a time."
My friend has become a blogger, and I'm happy to know her activity as she heads westward!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just before July starts!

As I looked back at some of my older bogs, I found that usually I have posted a blog to celebrate JULY! So here's a short end of June post .... on an extremely hot Iowa day. The last few days have made me nostalgic for my boat, which I sold in early Spring, after enjoying it for 25 years. It will take some adapting to do the summer things I do, without the boat to use for driftwood gathering, doing hand work in the sun on the deck, enjoying the water, and having the kayak handy to jump in for a peaceful paddle!

I have found some good driftwood stored in the garage and basement, so there's no emergency about getting more. It's just that the gathering is part of the motivation to create.

I'm adding this blog, mostly to speak to a new community of friends who have just learned about the driftwood pieces, and the variety there is every season.

Today it's important to get to the red, white and blue of the season! So I have taken a photo (tho'' a poor and very small one!) of the first Sam to leave home in 2011. I've finished several to date, but have posted photos of older Uncle Sam's which are similar to the newest ones created.

So I will close with a wish to one and all for a Happy July 4th, with lots of parade fun, friends, and fireworks that symbolize our freedom!

'till later...........


Thursday, May 26, 2011

On the Mend!

In Early April I had Rotator Cuff surgery on my right shoulder, and that has slowed down all that I would like to be doing!
But I'm very glad to report that with the care from my family and friends, and regular Physical Therapy, I'm seeing improvement. I even started a small painting yesterday! !It felt good to touch the canvas with paint!!

All is in order for the Art on the Prairie show in November (11,12,13) Their first show was held last year, and was a quality show, with many good artists. I was honored to be part of it, and am looking forward to getting ready for this year. See their website by googling . It includes each artist included in the show and their story.

This is just a quickie post to say I'm still creating, and hoping to have some new pieces to share very soon.

The photo of 8, 8x8 paintings at the top, is a grouping of a wrapped canvas series I call the" barn series". As a grouping, they make a strong wall statement, but one or two together stand on their own, too.

Good to be back, and so........
'Till later.........

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring in it's glory!!

This has been a beautiful sunny Iowa day--warm and sometimes sunny! ( I just heard our high was 86º!). The trees are beginning to look a little "pregnant" with their buds expanding. It's good here, but I'm sorry some other parts of the country are having bad weather.

I have one more day to have the use of both arms until my right arm heals after the rotator cuff and bone spur surgery on Tuesday the 5th. I think I'm pretty well prepared, but there are obvious problems ahead as I deal with the use of my non-
dominant hand. I've had time to plan ahead a little about meal prep, and pre-signing checks, getting very large shirts, and my left-handed mouse practice is actually helpful!

My family has laid plans for helping me, including Katie arriving from PA!! I feel well looked after, and with a competent surgeon I trust all will be well.

A few of you have visited with me about Driftwood Rabbits, as Easter approaches. I just took a photo of the ones that are left as of today. Feel free to come over and check them out.

With thoughts of Easter coming, I was inspired this morning, to take a photo of the Cross and Spire at St. Andrew's which I'm happy to share with you.

Thank you all for your prayers and concern, and your offers of help!

I"ll check back with you soon.

So till later...........

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring....You're here!! Come out, come out!

These chilly days, as we approach the end of March, are OK as long as we remember there have already been some warm days, and to remind ourselves that we have lots of nice days ahead. And......... the sun is shining on and off today to remind us it's still there waiting to come out !!!

I've been trying to finish up some folk art projects, and to get as much ready for next week after I have surgery on my RIGHT shoulder. I've heard enough stories about the healing process that I'm trying to prepare mentally as well as practically. I'm hoping I'll at least have my fingers to use for bracing or balancing against. I'm blessed with thoughtful children who will be here to help with my recovery. Katie is even coming from PA for a week of 'in-home' care!

This week I let my beloved LIBERTY pontoon boat go to a new owner after having 25 good years of work and play on her. There's a lot of up-keep that was about to get ahead of me. It seems that a quarter century is a good milestone time to let her go. I have lots of good.. even GREAT memories of times shared with friends and lugging driftwood home so I could keep creating! Friends have been understanding in helping me decide to let go. I'm sure her new owner will be tender with her. AND I will still have kayaking days to look forward to! It IS possible to gather driftwood from a kayak!! And lots of pieces yet to be made!

That's enough with words. I wanted to show you what has happened with the rabbit population since I last posted here. Note how the last group of driftwood rabbits has some new 'friends' in their midst! They are all up for adoption if you want to inquire, feel free to e mail me at .

Lets keep looking for those sunny days, and enjoy each day till then.

Till later.........