Monday, August 1, 2011

Hurray! for the 2011 Santa's!!!!

As promised, I have finished about 2 dozen new santas for 2011!! I've had a busy time getting them done, and it feels good to have a start on this year's 'family'. It is nice and cool where I put them together and paint the body colors. Then I bring them up to my painting "nook" to do the detail painting, and tag them, add bells and usually hand made baskets with greenery tucked in.

I'm adding a photo of a grouping of this year's santas, as well as the first one finished this year.

I expect to have more in the next couple of weeks. I expect to make some blue as well as some forest green ones. I'm always happy to consider painting a santa with your choice of color.

Please enjoy these---and you are free to request information on any of the ones pictured, by calling me at 515-276-6170.

My email address is

Hope you will enjoy these first "fruits of the year"!!

Till later.........


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